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Mark Klaassen 
Online Entrepreneur and Business Mentor


Hi I'm Mark. I'm in a lifestyle situation now where I get to determine my working hours and my working environment, either from home or anywhere I travel with internet.

It was great to let go of the 60-80 hour weeks, and it's exciting to be on the journey of creating life for my wife and I, the way we want it.  And part of our passion activity now, is assisting other motivated individuals to step out and do something extraordinary for themselves.

Lifestyle for me is about being “at choice” – when to work, when to go somewhere, time choices and financial choices.  From simple pleasures like eating out and buying what I want, to giving and travelling to amazing places I want to see around the world.  Like enjoying some island time during our favourite relaxing annual holiday in Fiji!  Bula Guys! 

Now, there’s a saying;  “Money is like oxygen, and you mostly know that, when you don’t have it!”.  

And while we might each be able to live with very little at times, having more certainly makes a big difference, and offers more options – for you and for those important to you.

Our products have directly impacted well over 100,000 customers in 132 countries around the world and counting!

Over 127,000 lives impacted

A proven track record

"From the moment I got started here I've been provided with so much training and support. Being among a community of like minded people has tremendously assisted me in creating shifts in so many areas of my life. And as a new mom I feel blessed that I get to run a successful business on a flexible and part time schedule".

Lise Reistma, 

"I was looking for an opportunity to create more time and money whilst working from home, around my life as a dad to a blended family of 5. We longed for greater success and financial freedom. I found success early here, in my first 6 months of business I was profitable and self sustaining. I'm grateful for the opportunity and love what I do. "

Simon Haggard, 

Work from Anywhere with Your Laptop and Phone

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  • WHY I WENT LOOKING: I worked long hours in both corporate and our own businesses for 24 years.  We had ok money and we travelled - but we didn’t have time to enjoy life, family and great health.  Making a key decision, we went looking for something that would give us our time back, while still maintaining or improving our income level.

  • THE OTHER BUSINESSES:  Our corporate training, coaching and consulting business was successful – 24 years worth. And watching others grow and develop as they implement what I’m teaching, changing their being and their life - has always been highly rewarding for me.  But also very demanding, time consuming and tiring as I got a bit older.  And – it was really still a dollars for hours equation. When we weren’t working, we weren’t earning, the business wasn’t leveraging us to a higher income unless we worked longer and harder.

    WHAT LED ME TO SUCCESS: We really wanted to get ahead and wanted a platform to do it in less hours. We were looking for a less stressful lifestyle, more time for us and a business system that rewards the amount of effort you put in. One day in our search, my wife found a small ad on LinkedIn and sent it to me to explore.   That led me to this business. When I saw the business model it made so much sense and ignited a spark of excitement that this was what I had been looking for.

    A LIFE CHANGING DECISION: I made the decision very quickly, Eileen agreed – and we got started with this business and what a game changer! It’ so cool to be in a portable, flexible business that allows me freedom to work in my home office, at the cafe, or even while travelling, going to conferences or pursuing other passions – all without the business skipping a beat. It’s fun, educational, fresh enough to challenge me and hugely rewarding.

    If this sounds like you and you're looking to make a change for yourself, go ahead and pop your details into the form above. I’ll give you a call and we’ll have a initial discussion just to see if we have the potential of working together. I look forward to speaking with you soon.      

                                                      - Mark Klaassen

I'm very self-motivated, so I was seeking something where its a level playing field, reward for effort stacks up and everyone has equal opportunity!
-Mark Klaassen

Upgrading our mindset everyday, Here's Mark at a conference with the Business Founders - new learning daily - key to success!

We love cruising - the Royal Princess was our first major cruise through the Mediterranean, and we love the lifestyle.

Our family is spread over Aussie and NZ, so we enjoy to get together in all sorts of amazing places for events, weddings and hanging out.


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This business system was developed over 10 years ago & embodies a global community of like minded men and women who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of our proven business system and Personal Growth principles.